Case Results

Take the stress out of your proceedings with services from the employment law attorneys at Rothschild & Alwill, APC in Santa Barbara and Bakersfield, California. We do our part to help each and every client remain informed throughout the legal process.

Successful Settlements

The lawyers at Rothschild & Alwill, APC have decades of combined experience representing California employees and employers in a range of employment law matters. Previous settlements include:*

  • $7 Million Class-Action Settlement Reached in 2014 on Behalf of Approximately 29,000 Employees
  • $6 Million Class-Action Settlement Reached in 2013 on Behalf of Approximately 35,000 Employees
  • $3.2 Million Class Settlement in 2011 on Behalf of 72 Employees
  • $1.425 Million Class-Action Settlement Reached in 2013 on Behalf of Approximately 79,000 Employees
  • $450,000 settlement in 2015 for employees denied breaks and overtime
  • $375,000 For Two Women Subject to Sexual Harassment
  • $347,500 settlement in 2016 for misclassified truckers against trucking company
  • $300,000 class action settlement reached in 2012 on behalf of approximately 257 former and current employees
  • $286,000 Labor Commissioner Order in 2016 in favor of misclassified pilot.
  • $275,000 For Misclassified Store Managers
  • $220,000 For Two Employees Misclassified as Salaried, Exempt Managers
  • $160,000 For Two Individuals on Misclassification/Wrongful Termination Claim
  • $150,000 For a Woman Sexually Harassed at Work
  • $125,000 individual settlement against offshore platform company inappropriately paying an individual a day rate in 2015
  • $125,000 individual settlement in 2015 against healthcare company for wrongful termination following accusations related to cover-up of child abuse
  • $120,000 settlement in 2015 on behalf of two individuals discriminated against and wrongfully terminated by a security company
  • $120,000 for two security guards subject to age discrimination
  • $120,000 settlement in 2011 on behalf of an individual for breach of employment contract matter
  • $100,000 settlement in 2016 for unpaid breaks to restaurant employees
  • $100,000 for worker suffering disability discrimination
  • $100,000 for four workers denied breaks
  • Successfully defended client's right to void unconscionable arbitration agreement to the California Court of Appeal in 2010

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