Class Actions

Enforcing Workers' Rights

If you aren't being paid fairly or are being discriminated against or harassed, chances are, you aren't the only one. Many of your co-workers are probably experiencing the same bad treatment.

The Santa Barbara and Bakersfield law offices of Rothschild & Alwill, APC, will hold your employer accountable and work to make things right for you and your co-workers through a class action lawsuit. Depending on the situation, this might include job reinstatement, compensation for physical or emotional pain and your lost wages.

Not all employment law attorneys in California handle class action claims. It takes significant resources and experience. Our legal team has more than 25 years of combined experience, and we know how to protect workers with class actions.

Class actions are a very important part of fairness. A class action is a shared employment dispute. People who have been similarly harmed by an employer can band together to stand up for themselves, together, and hold the employer responsible.

When Do You Need To Contact Our Class Action Lawyers?

You might not know if what your employer has done to you is illegal. You might not even know if your co-workers were experiencing similar treatment. That's OK - we will look into those things for you.

If you have any suspicion that your rights are being violated, contact us. We do not charge for these consultations, and we keep them confidential. For example, you might want to give us a call if:

  • You think your employer isn't paying you properly - maybe you are being paid in cash, working off the clock, or aren't receiving overtime or minimum wage
  • You were fired after complaining about your wages or working conditions
  • You were fired for reporting something you think is illegal or unfair, such as the failure of your employer to provide you with meal or rest breaks
  • You aren't allowed to take meal or rest breaks
  • You were fired suddenly, and have no idea why

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