Independent Contractors

Are You Misclassified?

Many employers in and around Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo and Bakersfield classify their workers as independent contractors to avoid paying certain taxes, paying overtime and providing benefits.

Unfortunately, this is common in the construction and janitorial industries in California. In-home workers, such as housekeepers, gardeners and nannies, as well as unpaid interns, are also frequently misclassified.

Legal Tip: Employers must follow very strict legal standards when determining whether to classify a worker as an independent contractor or an employee. If you have been misclassified, you might be entitled to compensation for all of your employment-related expenses and wage and overtime losses.

The laws that govern employee classification are complicated, and you might be unsure whether you are classified as an independent contractor and whether you should be a regular employee. The employment law attorneys at Rothschild & Alwill, APC, will review your case for free. You don't have to be worried about talking to a lawyer - your employer can't fire you for trying to protect your rights.

What Are You Missing Out On As An Independent Contractor?

Independent contractors do not have all of the rights afforded to employees. Independent contractors may not earn overtime or minimum wage. Discrimination and harassment laws don't protect them. Unemployment insurance, disability insurance, Medicare and even Social Security don't cover them. This means you might not get Social Security benefits when you retire.

Our legal team has more than 25 years of combined experience, and we know how to correct the misclassification of employees. In many cases, our independent contractor lawyers handle these cases outside of court for workers. However, we are strong trial lawyers, and we will fight for you.

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