Employee Handbooks

Utilize an employee handbook. If there is not one at your company, have one drawn up for the company. A properly constructed handbook will put your employees on notice of the laws by which the company abides and the rules which the company expects followed. This will eliminate ambiguity if it comes time to discipline or terminate an employee. It will also protect employers from various forms of litigation that arise from inadequate policies.

An employee handbook serves multiple purposes for an employer. It is a communication tool that provides the employees with a clear and concise understanding of company policies, rules, and expectations. A handbook can lessen exposure to legal claims and can help to save time and costs by serving as a reference guide for issues that arise in the workplace.

At Rothschild & Alwill, we have crafted handbooks for dozens of employers. Each employer may have unique concerns and requests specific to that business. We begin with a strong framework and then can tailor your handbook to fit your needs.