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Everyone Deserves Protection At Work

Whether you identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, California has laws that protect you from workplace discrimination. Your employer cannot penalize you at work based on your:

  • Sexual orientation
  • Perceived sexual orientation
  • Gender identity

Although illegal, the reality is workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity remains a pervasive problem. If LGBTQ+ discrimination is adversely affecting you at work, contact Rothschild & Alwill, APC for help getting justice.

Did LGBTQ+ Discrimination Occur At Work?

Though workplace discrimination can be obvious, it is more often subtle and based largely on your suspicion. California laws prevent your employer from treating you differently than everyone else due to your gender identity, perceived sexual orientation, or sexual orientation. Additionally, your employer must take action if coworkers discriminate or take adverse actions against you. It’s common to see claims for actions including:

  • Discriminatory or harassing office banter
  • Slurs
  • Epithets
  • Withdrawing a job offer
  • Exclusion from business outings or work events
  • Being passed over for a position or promotion in favor of a less qualified employee
  • Receiving less pay, fewer benefits, or a more undesirable position than other coworkers
  • Improper denial of benefits to which you are legally entitled
  • Disciplinary action or termination for using the “inappropriate” or “wrong” restroom
  • Disciplinary actions, including demotion or termination, for making a gender transition


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Discrimination because of one’s sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression is all too common. We want to help you through this difficult time and make sure that what happened doesn’t happen again. Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with an experienced attorney from our Santa Barbara office at 805-845-1190, our Bakersfield office at 661-369-8510, or arrange a consultation online. Se habla Español.