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Sexual Harassment & Sexual Assault

Seeking Justice and Providing a Voice for Victims

No workplace should condone offensive conduct of a sexual nature, undesired comments, advances, or physical contact. However, workers throughout Southern California are often victims of these behaviors. No matter if you were a clear victim or simply suspect you were subjected to harassment or assault, the attorneys at Rothschild & Alwill, APC can help.

If sexual harassment turns to unwanted touching or worse, this may constitute sexual assault. If this is happening, contact the police right away and then contact a Santa Barbara sexual harassment attorney.

Sexual Harassment Is More Than You Think


Sexual harassment in the workplace normally deals with unwelcome, uninvited conduct related to your gender or sexual orientation which creates an uncomfortable workplace environment. Sexual harassment is a broad category; it often includes:

  • Unwanted touching from a supervisor, coworker, or customer, which could also constitute sexual assault
  • Your supervisor asking for sexual favors in return for a promotion, benefits at work, or not firing you
  • A coworker, customer, or supervisor making unwanted sexual comments toward you or about someone else
  • Inappropriate display of nude or pornographic images, or sharing or forwarding emails with similar images or jokes

Sexual Assault Can Start Small


Sexual assault often begins with undesired comments or advances. However, it may become  instances of involuntary touching of your private parts either through direct contact or over clothing, such as:
  • Groping
  • Forced penetration or oral sex
  • Coerced sex using a weapon or threats of violence
  • Involuntary sex while incapacitated by alcohol or drugs


If you do make a report to your boss, make sure you do it in writing and keep a copy for yourself. We also understand that there are many times when reporting an incident to a supervisor may be too frightening or stressful, especially if that is the person who is harassing you. We can walk you through the process to protect your rights. We also have experience recovering lost wages for workers who felt like they had to quit to protect their safety.
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Is Your Safety At Risk?

If you feel unsafe in your work environment, a constructive dismissal may be an option. Constructive dismissal is a modified wrongful termination claim. It occurs when the working environment is so intolerable the employee feels like they have to quit to protect themselves. You must be able to prove your employer either intended to force you to resign or had knowledge of the hostile work environment. Typically, there must be a pattern of deplorable behavior, but a single crime of violence, such as workplace sexual assault, could be enough to establish intolerable working conditions.If you experienced sexual violence or sexual harassment at work, it is important to act quickly to preserve evidence. If you are not comfortable immediately reporting the assault to law enforcement, document the incident privately to create a record – see our tips on what to do.

Reclaim Your Power


Sexual assault and sexual harassment cases are always deeply personal. We are here to help you move past any feelings of exploitation, powerlessness, or shame. This was not your fault, and we are here to give you the ability to regain control. We emphasize confidentially and privacy, and our lawyers will handle your case with tact, understanding, and compassion.

Contact us today to schedule a free, confidential, no obligation initial consultation to talk about your issue with an sexual harassment lawyer. Reach us online or call our Bakersfield office at 661-369-8510 or our Santa Barbara office at 805-845-1190. Se habla Español.