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Seeking Justice For Sexual Harassment

Unwelcome and offensive sexual behavior has no place in the work environment, but workers throughout Southern California are often the recipients of unwanted comments and advances. Whether you are a victim of workplace sexual harassment or are unsure of what you are experiencing, the attorneys at Rothschild & Alwill, APC, can help.

If sexual harassment turns to unwanted touching, this can constitute sexual assault. If this is happening, contact the police.

A Broad Range Of Unwelcome Behaviors

Sexual harassment typically involves unwelcome conduct related to an employee’s gender or sexual orientation that creates an uncomfortable work environment. There is a wide range of behaviors and actions that can fall under the category of sexual harassment. These include:

  • Unwanted touching from a supervisor, coworker or customer, which could also constitute sexual assault
  • Your supervisor asking for sexual favors in return for a promotion or not firing you
  • A coworker, customer or supervisor making unwanted sexual comments toward you or about someone else
  • Inappropriate display of nude or pornographic images, or sharing or forwarding emails with similar images or jokes

If you do make a report to your boss, make sure you do it in writing and keep a copy for yourself. We also understand that there are many times when reporting an incident to a supervisor may be too frightening or stressful, especially if that is the person who is harassing you. We can walk you through the process to protect your rights. We also have experience recovering lost wages for workers who felt like they had to quit to protect their safety.

Make It Stop With Our Help

We are ready to listen and help you get the peace of mind that you deserve, as we have for many other workers just like you. You can schedule a free consultation online or by calling our offices in Bakersfield (661-369-8510) or Santa Barbara office at (805-845-1190). Se habla español.