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Experiencing Discrimination Or Sexual Harassment At Work? Follow These Steps.

After experiencing a form of sexual harassment or discrimination on the job, you may have questions about what to do next. The attorneys of Rothschild & Alwill, APC, created this guide to help you document the incident and take action.

Proactive Steps And Actions To Avoid

Documenting the initial incident and any other recurring events is essential to building a strong case. If you can, you should:

  • Save communications in any form, including emails, texts, voicemails and recorded conversations.
  • File a formal report and obtain copies of all relevant documentation.
  • Get the names and contact information of any potential witnesses.
  • Gather the names of people in charge at your workplace, including your supervisor and the HR manager.

Some actions can undermine your case. When possible:

  • Do not quit unless you fear for your safety. In most cases, you must file a formal complaint and allow your employer to respond or make changes.
  • Do not delete or discard anything related to the incident.
  • Do not tell your coworkers or others that you are planning to sue.

Creating The Full Picture

Before speaking with a lawyer, think about your work history leading up to the incident. Things such as the duration of your employment, the date the unwanted sexual attention or discriminatory behavior started, and the possible causes can all factor into your case.

When reviewing the information, be honest and mention any disciplinary marks in your employee file. These will not invalidate your claim; instead, they can help your attorney see the full picture.

Do You Have Additional Questions?

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