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What To Know About Vacation Benefits in California

by | Apr 1, 2020 | General Issues

One major benefit many California employees enjoy from work is the ability to reward themselves and take an occasional vacation. However, depending on where you work, doing so may be easier or more difficult depending upon your employer’s policies. Here’s what you should know about vacation benefits, vacation pay, and accrued vacation time.

Does My Employer Have to Provide Vacation Benefits?

California employers are not forced to give vacation benefits to employees. This include both paid and unpaid benefits. However, if they choose to make these benefits available, they are required to follow the terms they establish.

Vacation Pay and Accrued Vacation Time

Accrued, or earned, vacation time must be paid out to employees when their employment relationship with an employer ends. This is true no matter why the separation occurs, and payment for all vacation earned but not taken by the employee must occur at the time of termination.

Employers are also prohibited from requiring employees “use it or lose it” with regard to accrued vacation time. This means you cannot be required to use your earned vacation time before a certain date or lose it.  However, it is legal for employers to set a reasonable limit on the amount of vacation leave or hours an employee can earn.

Get Help from a California Employment Lawyer

It can be overwhelming to figure out which employment laws apply to you; however, knowing what you’re entitled to is critical for ensuring your rights are respected and you receive proper compensation for any accrued vacation time. To learn about protecting your rights, get answers to your questions, or fight back if you haven’t been treated fairly at work, turn to the experienced California employment lawyers at Rothschild & Alwill, APC today for help. We are here to discuss your unique situation, go over your options, and help you pursue a solution that gets you the justice you deserve.