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A Voice For Victims Of Workplace Sexual Violence

Employees have a right to a safe workplace. The #MeToo movement continues to shed light on the all-too-common problem of sexual violence and harassment. If you are a victim of sexual violence in the workplace, the attorneys at Rothschild & Alwill, APC, can help you obtain justice.

Are You A Victim Of Workplace Sexual Assault?

Sexual abuse may start as undesired comments or advances and progress into unwanted physical contact. Under the California Penal Code, sexual assault and rape involve non-consensual sexual contact. A victim of workplace sexual assault may have suffered:

  • Involuntary touching of private parts, either skin-on-skin or through clothing
  • Forced penetration or oral sex
  • Coerced sex using a weapon or threats of violence
  • Involuntary sex while incapacitated by alcohol or drugs

Is Your Safety At Risk?

If you feel unsafe in your work environment, a constructive dismissal may be an option. Constructive dismissal is a modified wrongful termination claim. It occurs when the working environment is so intolerable the employee feels like they have to quit to protect themselves. You must be able to prove your employer either intended to force you to resign or had knowledge of the hostile work environment. Typically, there must be a pattern of deplorable behavior, but a single crime of violence, such as workplace sexual assault, could be enough to establish intolerable working conditions.

After experiencing sexual violence at work, it is important to act quickly to preserve evidence. If you are not comfortable immediately reporting the assault to law enforcement, document the incident privately to create a record.

Reclaim Your Power With Our Help

Sexual assault cases, workplace-related or otherwise, are highly personal. Although you may feel exploited and powerless afterward, we can help you overcome your feelings of vulnerability and regain control. We emphasize confidentially and privacy. Our lawyers will handle your case with tact, understanding and compassion.

Schedule a no-cost consultation to discuss your workplace sexual assault matter safely and confidentially with an attorney. Reach us online or call our Bakersfield office at 661-369-8510 or our Santa Barbara office at 805-845-1190. Se habla español.